Capturing The Power Of The Sun In West Yorkshire

Solar Panels On House Roof

Get free electricity and earn money. Find out about solar deals in Wakefield today!

Did you know that solar panels are a great investment for both free electricity and making extra income? You will, no doubt, have seen them popping up on people’s rooftops across Wakefield, and you might even have heard about the free solar panel schemes over the last few years which have allowed people to benefit from free electricity without buying the solar panels.

Free Isn’t Always Best

Whilst the free option does seem very attractive, it should come as no surprise to you that the companies financing the schemes aren’t doing so out of the goodness of their hearts. Solar energy is actually a very lucrative business, and the investors in the free solar plans are making great returns on their money. The good news is, you can do exactly the same thing as those investors, and make the money for yourself! Let’s take a look in more detail at the options for solar panels Wakefield has on offer.

The Benefits Of Solar Panels In Wakefield

There are three key reasons why you should consider fitting solar panels on your home:

Get Free Power And Reduce Electricity Bills

The advantage everyone knows about with solar panels is the free electricity it generates. With price rise after price rise on household bills, it doesn’t take a genius to work out this trend isn’t likely to stop. Just recently we’ve seen the latest round of price hikes from the big energy suppliers, so you can hit back with panels on your own roof. It is estimated that you can save up to 40% on your electric bill alone, and that’s before we go into the other financial reason that solar can be a great investment!

Anything You Don’t Use You Can Sell To The Grid

Feed In Tariffs mean that you can earn money by simply selling what you generate, but don’t use back to the energy companies via the national Grid. This might sound complicated but it really isn’t. You’ll get a sort of electricity meter when your panels are installed which works just like the one you’ve got now, except it counts up the power you supply, not consume! What makes feed in tariffs even better is that they are actually a reward for creating green energy. This means that part of the tariff applies to all the electricity you generate, even if you use it yourself. Of course, you get more for the units you supply to the grid, making you even more money!

The Environment Needs Green Energy To Be Generated

When we talk about green energy we mean the renewable sources like solar and wind energy that don’t pollute the environment. We’ve known for several years now that we can’t burn coal forever, firstly because it will run out eventually, and secondly it pollutes our planet like crazy. By putting solar technology into our homes we’re doing our bit to help the environment, and quite conveniently we can save a fortune on bills and make some money at the same time!

It Doesn’t Stop There – Become Future Proof!

There’s another benefit that’s worth mentioning too, and that’s becoming self sufficient in the future. You might have seen news reports about the possibility of blackouts in the future, where there might just not be enough power to go around in the system. No-one knows for sure how soon this could happen, or how real the risk is, but if you’ve got some panels on your roof generating power, you know you can put the kettle on at least during daylight hours no matter what.

What’s more, companies are working on ways to store the power you generate too. You can already get systems which work like giantĀ rechargeableĀ batteries, but they’re still quite expensive at the moment. You will, however, no doubt be able to add them later when the technology becomes more affordable to move towards generating enough power to fully provide your home and family.

How Much Will It Cost?

As with many technical things, it can be difficult to know where to start with getting the ball rolling with your Wakefield solar panels project. The best place to start is to get a quote from this expert team of solar panel installers. It’s not the kind of product where one size fits all, so you can’t usually just get a fixed price. It will depend on things like how much scaffolding is required, and the size of your roof.

Generally speaking the more panels you put on your roof the better, as the costs don’t proportionally increase with each panel you have installed. The cost of the panels themselves increase, but the scaffolding will likely cost the same regardless of the number of panels. You will, however, need a survey on your roof to find out how many panels it will support – you don’t want to wake up one morning to find them in your bedroom or living room!

A Good Solar Expert In Wakefield Can Walk You Through The Whole Process

Seriously though, by picking a good installer you will get all the advice you need on the best systems for you, and be able to get a no obligation quote in advance. They will usually also give you a projection of the likely earnings you can expect from the feed in tariffs, so that you will know how long it will take to see a return on your investment. Some may even be qualified to recommend finance options to pay for the panels, if you need help.

Don’t forget, if they calculate returns based on today’s prices, electricity is getting more expensive all the time, so just getting free electricity is a huge benefit which will become more and more valuable as the energy companies put their prices up.

If you would like to speak to someone about investing in solar energy, speak to the expert here who will find you the best deal on solar panels on offer in your area. To take advantage of their free, no obligation service, click here and fill in their enquiry form.